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TRCA Notification: Invasive Species Management at Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve - July 10

Some invasive species management work that will be undertaken beginning next week at the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve.

TRCA strategically manages invasive plant species at specific restoration project sites throughout our jurisdiction.

  • Working closely with our partners, TRCA follows best management practices including integrated pest management that uses a variety of preventative and non-chemical pest management strategies (e.g., continuous mowing to suppress growth, spading, solarizing, and composting) which aligns with TRCA’s Invasive Species Management Strategy.

  • Depending on the severity of the infestation and the plant species, herbicide application is often the best management option that allows restoration of the landscape using native plant species.

  • This summer we will be applying herbicide to manage invasive Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) in the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve (Closest Address: Jefferson Sideroad and Bathurst St, Richmond Hill) to achieve the larger objective of invasive species management throughout our York Region properties.

  • Using licensed applicators, these species will be treated with herbicide (Estaprop XT – PCP# 29660) following all applicable legislation. Standard regulatory signage will be installed in the treatment area before it occurs and will be removed once management efforts have been completed.

  • Invasive control assessments and necessary adaptive management activities will occur in the coming seasons to further improve the site’s biodiversity. Spraying will take place between July 10 and July 21, with a rain date window from July 24 to 28. You can find a map of the spray site below:



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