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Recap: Council Meeting - June 5

Council Meeting Wednesday June 5 at 9:30am


All agenda items were approved by Council including:

  • 2025 to 2032 Water and Wastewater Financial Plan

    • That the Water Financial Plan be approved as required under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, O. Reg. 453/07 to maintain the City’s municipal drinking water license

  • Property Standards By-law and Clean Neighbourhoods By-law Enactment

    • To enact a new Property Standards By-law and a Clean Neighbourhoods By-law and provide for Administrative Monetary Penalty enforcement and adjudication of both.

  • Lake Wilcox Boathouse

    • To obtain Council endorsement for a proposed process to determine the future use of the Lake Wilcox Boathouse.

    • The building is generally considered to be in poor condition and in need of significant capital repair and replacement over the near term. It is estimated that the cost to fully restore the building in would be in the range of $300,000 to $400,000.

    • In the 1990’s the Richmond Hill Canoe Club (RHCC) was granted use of the Boathouse.

    • In 2023 the RHCC had 146 members, 86 of whom were Richmond Hill residents, and approximately 2,500 people from across York Region participated in their programs and events.

    • Staff to initiate a consultation process that includes an Expression of Interest to investigate a preferred partnership arrangement for future use of the Lake Wilcox Boathouse, and public engagement to better understand community desires for the site.

  • 2024 Asset Management Plan

    • The purpose of this report is to obtain approval of the City’s 2024 Asset Management Plan and updated Strategic Asset Management Policy to establish compliance with Ontario Regulation 588/17, Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure (O. Reg. 588/17).

    • The City’s assets have an estimated replacement value of $11.4 billion and are on average in Good to Very Good condition but will require ongoing investments to maintain them to sustain reliable services.

  • Member Motion - Richmond Hill’s Participation in Canada: Frontrunner of Urban Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Program

    • The Urban Economy Forum (UEF) has invited the City of Richmond Hill to participate in the Pavilion’s flagship program, Canada: Frontrunner of Urban SDGs, which aims to build on existing initiatives and work with cities to identify, design and implement pilot projects to address significant urban challenges and share lessons learned from around the world.

    • The Urban Economy Forum (UEF) (an international organization that engages with the United Nations (UN) to lead global dialogue on sustainable urban resources), in partnership with UN-Habitat and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, launched the Toronto-based World Urban Pavilion (Pavilion) in 2020 as a knowledge-exchange hub to share best practices, innovation and research in urban development and revitalization from countries around the world.

Closed Session Appointments

  • Council unanimously appointed the following:

    • New Member for the Affordable Housing Strategy Implementation Committee

      • Christopher Robinson – representing the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, cooperative housing providers, and non-profit housing providers.

    • Citizen Vacancy in the Committee of Adjustment (COA)

      • That Suzanne Payne is appointed to the Committee of Adjustment for the remainder of the 2022 to 2026 Term of Council.

Amendment Applications approved by Council

  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - J-G Cordone Investments Ltd. - 12030 Yonge Street

    • to permit the construction of an eight (8) storey mid-rise apartment building containing a total of 156 residential dwelling units, commercial/retail floor space at grade fronting onto Yonge Street, and three (3) levels of underground parking.

    • The proposed development is to be comprised of 156 dwelling units of which 25% or 39 dwelling units which meet the threshold unit price and rent in accordance with the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy

  • Zoning By-law Amendment Application - Neuhaus Puccini Villas Ltd. - 7 Poplar Drive and 11, 15 and 17 McCachen Street

    • to permit the construction of a 15 unit residential development to be comprised of both semi detached and single detached dwellings



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