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Blackforest Dr., Acorn Rd. and Rosegarden Cres. Reconstruction Update

The scope of work includes road excavation, removal of roadside ditches and driveway culverts, new asphalt pavement, new curb and gutter, driveway re-grading and paving, new sidewalks, new storm sewer and catch basins, watermain replacement, sanitary upgrades, and streetlight improvements.

Construction Schedule

Utility relocations by the utility companies are currently on-going and are expected to be completed in June 2024 (weather dependent).

Following the completion of utility relocations, the City’s construction is scheduled to commence in June 2024 and is projected to be substantially completed by late 2025.

The road reconstruction will be undertaken in phases as outlined below:

  • June 2024 to Late 2024 – Blackforest Drive and Acorn Road Reconstruction including base asphalt paving, and sanitary sewer work on Rosegarden Crescent

  • December 2024 to Spring 2025 – Winter shutdown

  • Spring 2025 to Late 2025 – Rosegarden Crescent Reconstruction, top asphalt paving on all roads, and site restoration


  • As part of the road reconstruction, the existing roadside ditches will be filled in.

    • All private buried drain pipes (e.g. sump pump or roof drains) that currently discharge into the existing ditches within the City’s property or boulevard must be disconnected, and modified to discharge onto the lawn and drain overland within the private property by the homeowner prior to the road reconstruction.

  • Private gardens and underground systems (e.g. heated driveways) located within the City’s property or boulevard may be impacted by the proposed construction work. The City will not be responsible for any damages to the privately-owned items that are within the City’s property.



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