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FYI: Invasive Species Management in Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve

Invasive species management that will be taking place in the Old Colony Road area of the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve.

Urban Forest Associates (UFORA) has worked with York Region schools, the Richmond Hill Rotary Club, the Richmond Hill Garden and Horticultural Society and TRCA since 2009 to complete habitat restoration plantings in a portion of the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve lands north and south of Old Colony Road.

Over the coming weeks Urban Forest Associates (UFORA) intends to undertake the management of woody invasive species (European buckthorn, tatarian honeysuckle, winged euonymus, multiflora rose and Manitoba maple) to further enhance the lands. UFORA is undertaking this work with TRCA’s support, which aligns with TRCA’s Invasive Species Management Strategy.

Using licensed applicators these species will be cut or girdled and the stem treated with herbicide (Garlon RTU – PCP # 29334) following all applicable legislation. Standard regulatory signage will be installed in the area of treatment before it occurs, and will be removed once management efforts have been completed.

Restoration plantings will occur in the coming seasons in the area of work to further improve the site’s biodiversity.



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