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2023 Council and Committee Remuneration and Expenses

The annual statement of Council and Committee Members Remuneration

and Expenses (as required by the Municipal Act) was presented to Council at the March 20, 2024 Committee of the Whole. Read staff report here.

  • Members of Council receive an annual salary that is set by by-law with annual provisions for cost of living adjustments, as well as a benefits package.

    • The previous Council (2018-2022) approved the compensation for the current Council (2022-2026) based on the recommendations of the citizens appointed to the Council Compensation Review Committee.

    • The previous Council approved the following compensation for this term of Council:

      • The increases in compensation are to be aligned with increases provided to non-unionized City Staff, including an increase of 1.70% effective January 1, 2023, with an annual cap of up to 2.25% in subsequent years. Read June 8, 2022 Meeting Minutes here.

  • Each Member of Council is allocated an annual budget for municipal purposes which include expenses for constituency, communications, and support resources.

  • Members' of Council year-to-date expenditure details are published on a quarterly basis. View them here.



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