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Prioritizing Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Measures

Every day, residents reach out to Members of Council to demand that visible and measurable actions be taken to make our roads safer.

Members of Council recognize and are working with staff to prioritize the importance of community safety, reducing vehicular speeding and traffic congestion in neighbourhoods, around school zones, community centres and park areas.

Councillor Davidson brought forth a motion requesting that staff prioritize a report back to the December 6, 2023 council meeting that identifies quick build temporary traffic calming measures with installation commencing in the Spring of 2024.

Actions are Coming!

The City's Traffic Department is finalizing the Richmond Hill Traffic Operations and Safety Strategy (TSOS) that will provide a clear set of policies, procedures, and pre-approved “tools” on how the City can efficiently and effectively address traffic safety.

The final TSOS report will be brought to Council on December 6, 2023 with an public education and traffic calming measures implementation action plan to begin in early 2024.

The TSOS Strategy will allow staff to:

  • Proactively address traffic safety across the City.

  • Better identify and prioritize areas using evidence based approach

  • Monitor the success of traffic safety initiatives.

Traffic Calming Measures could include:

  • Flexible Bollards

  • New Community Safety Zones

  • Slow Down Lawn Signs

  • Speed Cushions

  • Expand Annual Pole Mounted Radar Board Program



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