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Traffic Safety and Operations Strategy (TSOS) Implementation

Staff provided an update to Council on March 20, 2024 in response to Councillor Davidson's member motion in regards to “Prioritizing Neighborhood Traffic Calming Measures”.

Staff recommended that the policies, traffic calming measures, parking

prohibitions and community safety zones presented in this report be approved by Council in order to support implementation of the 2024 actions related to the TSOS.

This is the first step of an ongoing system of improvements to traffic safety in Richmond Hill. Staff will monitor and evaluate each of the 18 traffic calming locations and report back to Council with the results of the effectiveness of these measures, lessons learned, and recommendations for additional locations in 2025.

Why was my street not selected for traffic calming?

An evidence based city-wide traffic calming network screening has been completed based on current data and information available to the City. Based on this screening, the first 18 priority traffic calming locations (3 locations per Ward) have been identified for 2024.

Traffic and speeding are an issue on almost every street in Richmond Hill and Oak Ridges. The reality is that we cannot put stop signs, traffic lights, cameras and police at every corner. Not only would traffic grind to a halt the City just doesn't have the revenue to pay for it without raising property taxes. Ultimately the responsibility lays with the drivers who are speeding and driving recklessly through our neighbourhoods. Hopefully these new ongoing measures will educate them and encourage responsible driving habits.

Some Facts:

  • Richmond Hill already has approximately 533 intersections with stop signs.

  • The cost of purchasing and installing one red light camera is approximately $100,000.

  • The cost of purchasing and installing one traffic signal is approximately $80,000-$160,000.

2024 Traffic Calming Actions include:

Completed: Undertake a Citywide Traffic Calming Network Screening Status

The three 2024 traffic calming locations for Ward 1 are:

  • Augustine Avenue from Brockdale Street to Kingshill Road

  • Regatta Avenue from Coons Road to Yonge Street

  • North Lake Road from Bayview Avenue to Yonge Street

    • Measures include intersection improvements, speed cushions, pavement markings, speed radar and flexible bollards

Completed: Conduct a Citywide Community Safety Zone (CSZ) audit

  • 86 new Community Safety Zones have been identified for implementation in 2024 beginning with locations adjacent to Elementary and Secondary schools.

  • A Community Safety Zone (CSZ) is a designated section of the roadway where public safety is of special concern. The purpose is to encourage slower speeds to improve public safety through the designated areas. All fines received within the designated CSZ, including speeding, are doubled.  

NOTE: There will be 19 new Community Safety Zones in Ward 1

In Progress: Develop a ‘Slow Down’ Lawn Sign Program

In Progress: Expand the Pole-Mounted Radar Board Program

In Progress: Complete initial network screening for candidate Pedestrian

Crossover (PXO) locations and for speed limit reductions



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