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Recap: Special Council Workshop re Development Charges - Oct. 10

Special Council Workshop Tuesday October 10th at 10am

>> Meeting Agenda

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2023 Development Charges Background Study and By-law Update

What are Development Charges (DC)?

  • Development charges are one-time fees imposed by lower and/or upper tier municipalities on land developers, home builders and institutions when they develop or build upon an area of land.

  • The fees are intended to offset the cost of increased municipal services and infrastructure required due to population growth within the municipality, resulting from new development.

  • The municipality can use development charges to pay for ‘hard services’ such as water, waste management or roads, and ‘soft services’ such as recreation centers, libraries or parks.

What is the Impact of Bill 23 on Development Charges?

  • The Province passed Bill 23: More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 on November 28, 2022

  • This Bill amends a number of pieces of legislation, including the Development Charges Act (D.C.A.), and the Planning Act

  • These changes impact development charges, community benefits charges, and parkland dedication

  • The changes provided through Bill 23 would negatively impact the City’s ability to collect revenues to fund growth-related capital expenditures

  • According to the City Treasurer the preliminary numbers show roughly a $200 million shortfall in revenues over the next 10 years.

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