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No Mow May

Giving bees and other insects a chance to pollinate

May is a key month for bees and other pollinators that rely on plants blooming in early spring such as dandelions, violets and clover.

To help preserve habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinators, York Region has implemented a No Mow May pilot project and will not mow the grass on six selected locations in the Regional right of ways in the City of Richmond Hill during the month of May.

Signs will be posted at each of the locations. Grass will be mowed along the fence line and sidewalk to ensure sight lines are clear, but the centre areas of the locations will not be cut. Please do not throw garbage in the No Mow May sites.

Working in partnership with the City of Richmond Hill, six sites have been selected in the regional right of ways because they have wide boulevards and staff will be able to maintain clear sight lines. The six locations are:



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