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Recap: Council Meeting - Sept. 13

Richmond Hill Council Meeting Wednesday September 13, 2023 at 10am

>> Revised Meeting agenda (click to read staff reports)


Prioritizing Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Measures

  • Councillor Davidson amended the date for the staff report back for her traffic calming motion to December 6th, 2023 to align with the Traffic Operations and Safety Strategy coming forward that same day.

Revised Development Proposal by Leslie Elgin Developments Inc. at 0 John Birchall Road

  • After much discussion Council accepted staff recommendation to approve the revised application

    • Council and residents only had 2 days notice to review the revised application as it is scheduled to go to OLT in a few weeks.

    • Staff continued to work with the applicant till the 11th hour to produce a revised development proposal that is supportable

    • It should be noted, should Council not support the revised proposal the applicant has reserved their right to proceed with their original proposal which seeks approval for a high density residential development of 31 and 27 storeys at the OLT.

      • Voting in favour: West, Chan, DiPaola, Davidson, Thompson, Shiu

      • Voting against: Liu, Cui (Cilevitz absent)

All other agenda items were approved on consent



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